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Gerrit is the son of Bourshkanya’s Supreme-General. Despite his powerful storm-affinity and the State’s best training, he can’t control his magic. To escape the brutal consequences, he flees.

Celka is a travelling circus performer, hiding both her link to the underground and her storm-affinity from the prying eyes of the secret police. But Gerrit’s arrival threatens to expose everything: her magic, her family, and the people they protect.

The storms have returned, and everything will change.

For fans of Brent Weeks’ Lightbringer series and Rachel Caine’s Great Library of Alexandria series, this stunning fantasy debut combines rich, Russian-inspired worldbuilding, a complex magic system, and passionate characters in a multilayered tale of personal discovery and political awakening.

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Short Fiction

Shutdown illustration by Greg Opalinski
“Shutdown,” Writers of the Future, Vol. 28, Galaxy Press (2012).

A former ballet dancer turned military commando plunges into a deadly alien forest to discover its hidden military secrets.

 “‘Shutdown’ is a beautifully vivid and imaginative story — this is what science fiction is supposed to do.”
— Tim Powers, World Fantasy Award-winning author

Podcast & free e-version of “Shutdown” available from Escape Pod (episode 376).

Shutdown is included in Writers of the Future, vol. 28

“The offerings [in Vol. 28 of the Writers of the Future anthology] are thought provoking and varied, with a general trend toward excellence.”
— Publishers Weekly

Selected Physics / Math Articles

* Authors are listed alphabetically by institution in publications by the BaBar Collaboration.

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  2. P. del Amo Sanchez et al. [BABAR Collaboration], Phys. Rev. D 83, 051101 (2011). [arXiv:1012.4044 [hep-ex]].  “Measurements of branching fractions, polarizations, and direct CP-violation asymmetries in B+ -> rho0 K*+ and B+ -> f0(980)K*+ decays.”
  3. C.L. Lee [for the BaBar Collaboration], “Experimental Results in Charmless Hadronic B Decays from the B Factories,” Presented at the 6th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle, University of Warwick, UK (Sept. 2010).
    [arXiv:1101.1340 [hep-ex]].
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